Salon Du Soleil - Terrible experience

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I went to salon del sol on parham rd in Va, and I wanted the black that I had in my hair lightened enough so I could color it red.I told the stylist that I did not want to bleach my hair.

She proceeded with the color lightening and when everything was done, my hair felt like elastic. My hair was breaking off and was stretching like rubber bands. I then asked if this was a one time thing, the woman said yes, my hair would go back to normal. Too bad it didnt and I had to cut all of my hair off and start over.

Im sure it's too late to ask for my money back, but I know not to go back to that horrible place again.

(The post that is the same as this is not correct, it's salon del sol, not imago.That is a mistake on my part.)

SALON DU SOLEIL(MontroseCA,91020)

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I went to this salon for hair cut and hair color.the women who was working there couldnt stop talking about what a great hair stylist she is and how she goes to Paris for hair shows and,...I had really good healthy long hair.

i just wanted a trim and brwon hair color. she cut all my hair short and left little bit long on the back that looks like i have hair extension. Burned and damaged all my hair ,plus i ended up with different colors,very light brwon on my roots and redish brown. when i told them they said it going to be fine when i wash it!!!!

It didnt and i went back and asked for my money back, she didnt even greet me when i got there and responded with rudness that they have no refund policy and she can fix it for me!!!!i would never let that women touch my hair !!!!

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